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Our Story

Communities build banks so banks can build communities.


For almost two decades, we've held the belief that communities and banks are built on relationships.

Hard-working people helping other hard-working people pursue their dreams.

Of course, it’s far easier to trust someone you know, so we believe in getting to know our clients — and letting them get to know us.

When we invest in one another, we not only grow in our relationships, we become capable of offering advice and innovation that helps you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re an established private company, a purpose-driven organization, a professional service provider or a rising entrepreneur, you’re here because you care. About your community. About the Saint Louis region. About doing something big.

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We're here to help make banking easier — because when you succeed, we all succeed.

Our Logo

Moving forward with our heads up and our eyes open.

The Saint Louis Bank logo takes inspiration from the knight — a chess piece with unique movement, requiring players to have a vision for the future and an ability to think multiple steps ahead.

Our logo nods to St. Louis’ growing reputation as the chess capital of the world, while also celebrating the heritage of our city. The hilt of a sword can be seen in the face of the knight, representing not only the historic bronze statue of King Louis IX atop Art Hill, but our region’s unstoppable charge forward.

The red-orange color of our logo is inspired by the bricks that give our city so much character, while the blue is symbolic of the confluence of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois Rivers.

Like the knight piece, we move strategically into the future with watchful eyes, always looking for opportunities to make the right moves. With commitment and discipline, we help our clients and our region thrive.


Our People

You shouldn’t have to choose between wisdom or innovation.

Our dedicated team offers familiar faces, decades of experience and a fresh outlook on what it means to be a Saint Louis bank.

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Client Testimonials

There’s no limit to what inspired people can accomplish.

And we can help push them further. Read what our clients are saying about us.

Client Testimonials


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