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Financial Intelligence for Savvy Business Owners

Our business clients now have access to an array of new features embedded in their online banking portal! The new Business Insights features will allow you to:

  • See automated cashflow forecasting to see how your business' performance is trending toward the future
  • See how business events will impact your future cashflows
  • Receive key alerts and recommendations
  • Compare your performance against other industry peers in your market

Activating Business Insights is easy!

Activation is secure and takes less than 2 minutes! All you need to do is:

1. Log into your Saint Louis Bank online banking portal and navigate to the "Business Insights" menu tab.

2. Select your accounting package from the options and review and accept the terms of use.

3. Click "Connect Your Accounting Software" and enter your accounting package credentials.

4. While your insights begin to sync, you'll be asked some questions to provide you with accurate industry benchmark information.

And that's it, your insights will be activated! Get powerful data insights to empower you and your business for long-term success!

Powerful Business Insights for Savvy Business Owners

Get a deeper sense of your financial position and your forecasted cashflow performance, confidently plan for future expenses and revenues, and compare your business' relative performance against local competitors.

Features Overview


Cashflow Forecasting and Key Numbers

Get a consolidated view of your company’s historical and forecasted performance, including:

  • Summary view of your cash position across financial institutions
  • Holistic cash flow forecast
  • Key performance metrics and trends


Cashflow Forecasting and Key Numbers Feature Preview

Tailored Business Insights

Business Insights helps keep you informed by securely aggregating your business’ financial data and sharing actionable insights:

  • CFO-like guidance with tailored financial insights about your business’ performance
  • Reminders for key dates, outstanding invoices, and financial deadlines
  • Tailored guidance on actions you could take to improve financial performance


Tailored Business Insights Feature Preview

Financial Decision Planning

The Event Planning tool simplifies decision planning for business owners:

  • Create and track anticipated expenses and revenues
  • Analyze implications of each decision on future cashflows
  • Test different scenarios to how they influence financial outcomes


Financial Decision Planning Feature Preview

Competitive Benchmarking

Many SMB owners rely upon feedback from customers and suppliers or look at financial trends to get a sense of performance – but don’t always have a peer group with whom to compare. With our benchmarking tools, you can:

  • Compare financial performance against a peer group with similar geography, revenue size, and employee count
  • Gain context for what “good” looks like
  • Get guidance for where your business can differentiate or improve competitively


Competitive Benchmarking Feature Preview


How do I activate Business Insights?

All business clients of Saint Louis Bank can access the new features by clicking on the "Business Insights" tab located on the top menu in their online banking portal. This will initiate the activation process where you'll be able to connect your accounting package (QuickBooks, FreshBooks, or Xero) to start viewing insights about your business. If you need assistance, please call our customer service team at (314) 851-6200.

What does my cash number represent? How is it calculated?

Business Insights are generated using synced data from your accounting package. First, we recommend trying to re-sync your data. Second, make sure your accounting data is up to date. If something still looks wrong, please contact us at (314) 851-6200 and a member of our customer service team would be happy to assist you.

How often does Business Insights refresh my data?

Your data is updated at least once a day via an automatic sync from your accounting package. That means it may take a day to reflect updated values if they have changed within the past 24-hour period.

How does benchmarking work and where does the comparison data come from?

The data that powers benchmarking comes from the most recent IRS tax return data of over 34 million anonymized businesses in the United States. Your firmographic information is used to help find a comparison between the tax data and your business so that the metrics you see represent benchmarks to similar businesses.

Can I export my Business Insights?

No, unfortunately, we do not have this functionality yet.

I need help, who should I contact?

Please contact us at (314) 851-6200 and a member of our customer service team would be happy to assist you.

How does Saint Louis Bank keep my accounting data secure and private?

The Business Insights integration has completed a SOC2 Type II audit and certification, thereby meeting or exceeding industry standards for information security. Business owners are always in control of their data.

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